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School Meals

Parrenthorn operate a cafeteria style system and the costs vary with the items your child chooses.
A standard high school meal costs £2.40 per day.

Mid morning break service

Parrenthorn offer a range of:

  • Toast, cheese on toast, toasted teacakes
  • Hot and cold sandwiches
  • Fruit and yogurt
  • Water, juices, tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Lunchtime service

Parrenthorn offer a wide range of food options at lunchtime which can be purchased as individual items or a complete meal deal, including:

  • A minimum of two choices of main course with vegetables or salad plus potatoes or alternative carbohydrate. Look out for the great value 'meal deals' where you can get a main meal and dessert for an all inclusive price
  • Daily specials
  • Filled jacket potatoes
  • Hot sandwiches and pizzas - panini's, flat breads and bread rolls with various fillings
  • Salad bowls
  • Fresh soups
  • Pasta pots with selection of sauces
  • Hot and cold desserts plus fruity pots, yogurts, fresh fruit
    selection of fruit juices, milk, milk shakes, smoothies, water and flavoured water

The school menus run on a four week cycle which is changed every term to avoid repetition and introduce new dishes.

Catering for special diets and allergies

Please let us know if they have any special dietary requirements. Pupils with specific food-related conditions such as coeliac, milk/egg/dairy free and lactose intolerance can be catered for if we are provided with a diet sheet from the pupil's dietitian, hospital or GP. If we can, we will accommodate specific dietary needs from our standard menu and ingredient range. We do not knowingly serve foods containing peanuts or tree nuts. If any specialist dietary preparations and prescription foods are required these will need to be supplied by the pupil's parent or carer. 

We are able to supply meals suitable for most cultural needs, including Asian and Jewish communities. Certificated Halal meat is available in most schools where there is a requirement.
Copies of certificates are available on request. 

Cashless biometric system

Parrenthorn uses a biometric cashless system to pay for school meals. The system uses fingerprint scanners to identify pupils. Money is added onto your child's account and debited at the till to pay for items purchased. The system also records what items have been purchased. There are no cards to lose or cash transactions at the till, making the system very quick and efficient and this speeds up queues at lunchtime.

The fingerprint images cannot be used for any other identification purposes. The system uses an image of the fingerprint to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the fingerprint, only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a fingerprint image. Even though the fingerprint cannot be reproduced or checked against any other data store parents are required to give their consent for their child to pay for meals by this method. The school will request consent when your child starts at secondary school. For those parents not wishing to use the biometric system we can issue swipe cards.

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