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"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation" - Arthur Ashe


The purpose of this page is to share with you a range of information, resources and links that can help you prepare for your exams.

New information will be added during the year, so get into the habit of checking this page regularly to make sure you don't miss out on anything that can help you achieve,

Exam Information 

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Revision Guides

Revision guides can be a great resource to support you in your studying. However, revising is more than just reading over your notes in an exercise book or a revision guide.

You can view the revision guide list below. If you have any questions about revision guides and techniques, please speak to your class teacher who will be happy to help you.

subject revision information 21 22.pdf

 There are so many different revision techniques that can help you study. A few such examples are reducing notes from big to small, using memory aides such as mnemonics and the use of mindmaps.

Revision is practise, just ask any great singer, actor or sports figure and they will tell you that they spend hours and hours revision their lyrics, scripts or playbooks. Then, when it's time to perform, are are prepared at the highest possible standard.

Revising will help prepare you for your mock and GCSE examinations, giving you the confidence and belief to achieve your best.

Here are some great study strategies from the Learning Scientists

Spaced Practise


 Retrieval Practise






 Concrete Examples


 Dual Coding