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House System

The House System was introduced in January 2018 with the aim of developing engagement, competition and cohesion. Pupils in each form are split into four houses, Da-Cocodia, Dalton, Pankhurst & Turing

Pupils are identifiable by a coloured logo on their tie.

Each House has numerous pupil leadership roles – House Captains, House Champions, House Sports Captains, and Environmental Leaders.

A school reward system has been introduced which runs alongside the House system. Every week the House leader board is updated and shows the points and positions of each House. At the end of each term the House Cup is presented in full school assembly to the House who have gained the most points throughout that term. At the end of the academic year the prestigious House Shield is presented to the House who have gained the most points throughout the whole school year. The Sports Cup is also presented in this assembly for the House who achieved the most points on sports day.

Here are some key activities that house pupils participate in;

  • Sports Day
  • Charities & Fundraising Week
  • Pride of Parrenthorn
  • Community Litter Picks
  • Parrenthorn's Got Talent production
  • The Parrenthorn Bake Off
  • Pop Up Challenges
  • House Assemblies
  • House Celebrations
  • House Cup & Shield Presentations
  • Weekly House Quiz
  • Termly House Bulletins

Please click on the house logos for more information about each school house & their champion.

House Points 

Each term, pupils will compete to win House Points for their house. Pupils can win house points for the following;

  • Excellent work in class - Classroom teacher praise
  • Having the correct equipment and uniform each day
  • Winning the house quiz
  • Volunteering
  • 100% attendance/punctuality
  • Library book borrowing
  • Winning and taking part in pop up competitions and events

The House with the most points at the end of term will win the Parrenthorn House Cup & the House with the most points at the end of the school year will win the Parrenthorn House Shield.


If a pupil earns 300 house points, they will receive a special RABA Award badge.