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Habits & Behaviour

Our intent is to develop the whole child by instilling core habits that will help our pupils be resilient, respectful and success learners. 

To make this happen, as a school, we will:

  • Explicitly teach our habits at every opportunity
  • Standardise school practice to improve consistency in raising and maintaining standards
  • Quickly addressing concerns with parent, teacher and pupil

Behavior is a choice. We have great children but sometimes they may make the wrong choice. It is our duty to help them to establish good habits to manage future choices. 

Our three core habits are BE READY, BE RESPECTFUL and BE SAFE

We truly believe that it is a team effort and that communication is pivotal between the parent, teacher and pupil. This page is only the start. We will continue to add more information as it develops. We want you to fill informed and confident in how we are running our behaviour systems.

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