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General details

School Address:

Parrenthorn High School
Heywood Road
Prestwich, Greater Manchester
M25 2BW

Main School Phone Number: 0161 773 8634
Fax: 0161 798 7048

To report a pupil absence 

Attendance Team - attendance@parrenthorn.co.uk

If you prefer to contact us via e-mail

School E-Mail via Office - parrenthorn@bury.gov.uk
School Business Manager - Mr A Morley - a.morley@bury.gov.uk

If you have any concerns relating to child protection or safeguarding

Miss J Hollstein - DSL - jhollstein@parrenthorn.co.uk
Mr N Moores - SENDO & DDSL - nmoores@parrenthorn.co.uk
Ms S Bodkin - DDSL - sbodkin@parrenthorn.co.uk

If you need to contact your child's Head of Year

Miss L Garnett - Head of Year 7 - lgarnett@parrenthorn.co.uk
Miss M Lee - Head of Year 8 - mlee@parrenthorn.co.uk
Mrs L Green - Head of Year 9 - lgreen@parrenthorn.co.uk
Miss J Hyndman - Head of Year 10 - jhyndman@parrenthorn.co.uk
Mr M Woolford - Head of Year 11 - mwoolford@parrenthorn.co.uk

Further contacts can be found here (this will link you to Our Staff page).

Please note that response times may vary depending on the timetable of the teacher in question.

We are able to provide a free paper copy of any of the information contained on the website.
If you need to contact the chair of Governors, this can be done by contacting the school office.