Parrenthorn High School is a community, co-educational, comprehensive day school designed to cater for pupils between the ages of 11 and 16. Due to the demand for places pupil numbers were increased from September 2008 to 168 (from 161).

The school was opened in 1974 and its facilities include an Arts Theatre, Sports Hall, Squash Court, a mini gymnasium, specialist rooms for Music, Technology, Food Technology, Art, Information and Communication Technology, Modern Languages and Science, together with a Library/Resource Area, general rooms for English, Mathematics and Humanities subjects, and a dining hall.

Extensive playing fields are on site, together with tennis courts, netball courts, basketball courts. A new astro turf all weather pitch was completed in June 2007. A major new build and refurbishment programme was completed in July 2009 which has resulted in 18 new classrooms, a new Assembly Hall, Music suite including Recording Studio and practice rooms, refurbished Dining Room and Food Technology Rooms, new science labs and technology rooms. Early in 2013 a new extension was completed which created an additional Science Lab and a Drama room.

Religious Education within the school is non-denominational and follows the Bury LEA Agreed Syllabus. Parents wishing to exercise their right to withdraw their children from Religious Education, or acts of Collective Worship, should inform the school.

The school aims for the highest possible standards of work and behaviour. It is our intention that boys and girls of all levels of ability are extended towards the limits of their individual capabilities within a well-ordered, caring environment. Able pupils are given opportunities to prepare for further and higher education, whilst pupils with general or specific learning difficulties receive a balanced and relevant education. The school has forged links with local primary schools and in addition has a long tradition of catering for the needs of pupils from a wide area based on parental choice.

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Fitzgerald Headteacher
Mrs S Sharples Deputy Headteacher
Miss T Owen Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Havers Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Morley Business Manager

English, Drama, Modern Foreign Languages, Music

Ms L Keeton Head of English
Mrs E Biggar Second in English
Mr P Kellett English
Mrs S Pope English
Mrs C McAlpine English
Mrs S Kearsley English
Miss E Higgin English
Mrs R Payne Head of Drama
Mrs E Chinnery Drama
Mrs S Stokes Head of MFL
Mr S Entwistle Second in MFL
Mrs E Jones MFL
Mrs B Lester MFL
Miss H Petryczuk MFL
Mr C Flynn Head of Music

Mathematics and Science

Miss S Naylor Head of Mathematics
Miss E Jervis Second in Mathematics
Mr M Woolford Mathematics, Head of Year 11
Miss L Hayward Mathematics, Primary School  Transition
Mr A Mahon Mathematics
Mr N Egan Head of Science
Mrs J Wainwright Science, Head of Year 8
Miss D Taylor Second in Science
Mr J Yates Science
Mr A Brigden Science
Miss E Sinkinson Science
Mrs C Beard Science

History, Geography, Religious Studies

Mr A Goodlad Head of History
Mr J Walsh History
Miss S Bodkin Head of Geography
Miss N Waywell Geography, SENCO, Associate Assistant Headteacher
Miss R Coulson Geography
Miss L Garnett Geography
Miss J Hollstein Head of RE
Mr M Emery RE, History

Technology and ICT

Mrs M Banning Head of Technology, Textiles
Mr S Crompton Second in Technology, Resistant Materials
Miss S Laurence Food Technology
Mr A Godwin Graphic Products
Mr N Moores Product Design, Head of Year 10
Mr J Ryan Head of ICT
Mrs C Bennett ICT, Head of Year 7

Art and PE

Mrs J Wantling Head of Art, Associate Assistant Headteacher
Miss C Wilding Art
Mr R Garratt Head of PE, Associate Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Hunter PE, Head of Year 9
Mrs D Kinsey Head of Girls’ PE
Miss M Lee PE

Learning Support Department (SEN) & Learning Managers

Mrs S Hardman Inclusion Manager
Mrs C McMurdo Learning Manager
Mrs A Bradford Learning Manager
Mrs B Khadhraoui Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms F Lynch Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Tansey Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Walker Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Brady Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Finnigan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Burgess Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Hardy Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Iqbal Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Traynor Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Tweedale Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Yates Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Heap Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Auston Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Shiel Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Harrison Learning Support Assistant
Miss G Robinson Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Johnson Learning Support Assistant
Miss M Chortiw Learning Support Assistant
Mr R Williams Learning Support Assistant
Mrs G Barrett Learning Support Assistant
Mr P Selby Pastoral Manager

Office and Site Staff

Mrs K Cross Office and Data Manager
Mrs J Pickney Attendance and Pastoral Secretary
Mrs E Henry Data Administrator
Mrs M Edwards Administrator
Mrs A Griffin Examinations Officer
Mrs J Robbins Data Manager
Mrs J Zoltie Librarian
Mr D Baird Design Technology Technician
Mr M Toland Maintenance Technician
Miss A Pickup Design Technology Technician
Mrs C Carroll Technician
Mrs D Mallon Technician
Mr M Imran ICT Network Manager
Mr C Hall ICT Technician
Mr D Walters Site Manager
Mr P Kay Assistant Site Manager
Mr T Kay Caretaker


Chair of Governors

Mr W Davison

Vice Chair

Mrs C Critchley (Community)

Other Governors:

Mr F D Adam (LEA)
Cllr A Simpson (LEA
Cllr G Campbell (LEA)

Mr M Fitzgerald (Headteacher)

Mrs D Dawson (Sponsor)

Mr A Goodlad (Teacher)

Ms S Jervis (Parent)
Mr R Pundick (Parent)
Mrs J Harrison (Parent)
Mr D Clarke (Parent)
Mr P Troutt

Mrs V Finney (Community)
Mr P Walthall (Community)
Cllr A Quinn (Community)